Encouraging people to simplify, create and explore

SIMPLIFY - stuff, less is more, cut back, pare back, say "no" to things not helping your cause, create room for you to say "yes" to the things important to you, make it less complicated, make things easier on yourself, create happiness. 

CREATE - cool stuff, develop your true style, not following but leading, projects, brands, products, websites, blogs, create passion.

EXPLORE - new stuff, make different decisions, step outside your comfort zone, go places, make new friends, be creative, new perspectives, create an exciting time.

This is what it is all about

Mentoring Creatives is a creative brand lead by Sarah Barnes helping people focus on daily decisions to make room for creativity in their life. In our crazy over scheduled world, more and more people are becoming fanatically hung up on following aimlessly what other people do, falling into the comparison trap, losing their true identity and individuality.

At Mentoring Creatives we encourage you to simplify your lifestyle and edit out the shite!

Sarah works has a Creative Consultant and Mentor, helping people develop personal and business brands, content, and ideas.  Objectively guiding creatives with fresh eyes to simplify, create and explore.

Contact Sarah if you would like help with;

  • paring back
  • developing a creative personal or business brand
  • strategising a new creative, innovative or visionary direction

Although we call Perth, Western Australia home, we are globally minded and open to all walks of life. 

biz and Fiz

Our Biz and Fiz sessions are open to anyone local who would like to sit and sip champagne (FIZ) and talk business (BIZ). These evenings are great for anyone thinking about starting a business, or maybe you've been in business a while and thinking of taking a new direction, or you would like to share your trial and tribulations, or you just want to come and listen. Tickets go on sale throughout the year. To be notified of the next date please register below.