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how can you be creative if you are just too busy?

learn to simplify, explore and create 

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glad you could make it

I'm Sarah Barnes

A country girl, living in the city .... adopting some good ole country resourcefulness, simplicity and purpose and hoping it morphs over to you!

My happiest days are spent creating, designing and spreading the word that things don't have to be difficult. Through stories, inspiring pics and my digital resources, I help creatives simplify, create and explore opportunities they may be missing out on! 

here's the thing ...

Creativity isn’t just for people who work in creative industries.  

Creativity is found in just about everything we do.

We are creative when we solve a problem, cook, write, think, nurture, organise ... converse.

We might not realise it, but we need creativity every day.

... so if you are creative (which you probably are because you are here!) then you are a long way ahead of those people who don't even think they have a creative bone in their body. 


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