Some people are good at it, and some people are plain terrible.But are they really that bad, maybe they are just not trying hard enough.

Some people are good at it, and some people are plain terrible.

But are they really that bad, maybe they are just not trying hard enough.

Remembering someone's name can be the most rewarding for any meaningful relationship. This basic skill will give you respect, and people will admire you, it’s a bit like another language of love! They look at you with complete admiration and say “that’s amazing you’ve remembered my name”.

You might have been one of those people starring with admiration,

Do you remember how it feels when someone uses your name?

Well, adopt a bit of love language in your vocabulary.

There are three main steps to help you do this.


Firstly - are you trying? Are you listening in the first place? Of course, you will not be able to remember someone's name if you have not heard it or taken it in. Most people have a terrible habit of thinking about what they are going to say next in a conversation instead of thinking about what the person has said. So before you even start the discussion, you need to commit. You need to commit to remembering someone's name.


Secondly, after initial introductions, repeat their name, when you say hello back, and then multiple times during the conversation (that’s if the convo is more than a minute, repeating someone's name ten times in a minute could be very annoying!).

After you have left the conversation and you have a quiet moment, instead of scrolling through your social media feed, have a surreptitious scroll around the room and repeat all the names (silently in your head) for everyone you have met, or are going to talk to imminently. And, when you get home, think about all the people you have met, picture their face and think about their name. Actively try and remember people's name.


I rarely need to get to the third step, but if you are still struggling, continue to use the first two steps, but also, associate their name to something … anything - it could be time, date, colour, place, adjective, noun. Do they remind you of a vegetable? (Geez) Or maybe they remind you of some animal. Do they have curly or straight hair - Curly Caroline could be your NBF.

Whatever works for you, the main thing here is that you need to commit to remembering names. Don't ever admit (or say aloud) you are terrible at remembering names, maybe say something like - “I’m getting so much better at remembering names”.

Remembering names takes all of your relationships to a whole new level.  It creates a lasting and positive impression. It is a necessary step in showing respect for others and building those beautiful, meaningful relationships that give you so much joy.

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