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To me, it happens quite regularly, you ask a woman how she is and she dramatically drops her shoulders, releases a big sigh, and says, I'm so busy! Do you get the same response from men, I wonder?

Women love to over- commit and put self-inflicted pressure on themselves, and this is great if you enjoy it, but if you are complaining about being busy, then it's time to change some of those habits. 

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Work with a routine that works for you.

 Image via  Alf the Label

Image via Alf the Label

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Get comfortable with saying "No" to things not helping your cause, and saying "Yes" to the things that make you happy.

 Image via  The Beauty Chef

Image via The Beauty Chef

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Organise your day with space for some fun, after all, happiness is the key.

 Image via  Love St

Image via Love St

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Mindfully ask yourself "why" you are doing that particular thing - just in case you don't need to do it!

 Image via  Rip+Tan

Image via Rip+Tan

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Stick to your decision even if it is divergent to your friends or family.

 Image via  PE Nation

Image via PE Nation

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Adopt a simple and positive morning routine

 Image via  Maja Molière

Image via Maja Molière

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Adopt a simple day schedule

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Allocate hours for mundane tasks - just do it, without complaining.

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If life is going too fast, slow down

 Image via  The Grace Tales

Image via The Grace Tales

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Can something wait until another day, or month - or year!

 Image via  Goop

Image via Goop

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Maybe you would be more productive working to a schedule that suits your energy level. 

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