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You may not realise it, but everyone has a little creativity in them, it’s just a matter of recognising the traits and leveraging them to your advance.

After all, isn't creativity just putting things together in an order to make some sort of creation.

Let’s see if you are creative.

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Do you like to work the hours that suit you?

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Do you like to observe people and their actions?

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People don’t understand you? Maybe you have a certain weirdness?

 Image via  The Great State

Image via The Great State

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You like take time in solitude to think and focus.

 Image via  Mister Weekender

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You like to seek new experiences and discover new things.

 Image via  Mister Weekender

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Are you resilient and don’t mind learning from trial and error?

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You ask the questions no one else is asking?

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You see every opportunity as an open door?

 Image via  Pinterest

Image via Pinterest

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You agree there has been no time wasted, everything you have done has been beneficial in some way.

 Image Via  Ritmo

Image Via Ritmo

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You follow your passion and take the risks associated with it?

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Do you see things from other people's perspectives?

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You like to surround yourself with beauty and happiness?

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Do you have an immense vision and see things others don’t?

 Image via  Byrdie

Image via Byrdie

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You like to shake things up to avoid the monotonous and mundane tasks.

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You have good mindfulness skills.

 Image Via  Pinterest

Image Via Pinterest

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You take pleasure in solving problems.

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You are your worst critic.

 Image Via  Pinterest

Image Via Pinterest

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You write notes, day and night.

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You like to work in places that stimulate your creative juices?

 Image Via  Mister Weekender

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You think most people have poor taste?

 Image Via  Pinterest

Image Via Pinterest

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You are not necessarily in it for the money, it is all about a driving passion.

 Image Via  Frontier Tribe

Image Via Frontier Tribe

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You seek inspiration wherever you can find it.

 Image Via  Frontier Tribe

Image Via Frontier Tribe

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People call you funny.

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You evolve and continually teach yourself new things.

 Image Via  Cass Deller

Image Via Cass Deller

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You don’t like yourself or other people put in a stereotypical box.

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You are a believer.

 Image Via  Pinterest

Image Via Pinterest


“Creatives have the ability to turn life's obstacles around”

Are you capable of this?

Everyone has a little creativity.

Be inspired to take the next steps to inspire and empower people with your unique perspective on life.

Lead by example and live your best life, everyday.

Start somewhere, start today.


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Sarah lives to help people simplify, create and explore. Continually encouraging people to find their true style rather than being mechanical beings following aimlessly without purpose.

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